Morrisville Mustangs Outrun the Wildcats 22-5

Morrisville Mustangs Outrun the Wildcats 22-5

Morrisville, N.Y. – Overall it was a swing and a miss for the lady Wildcats on Wednesday as they traveled to Morrisville State College to face off against the Mustangs. But that didn't stop SUNYIT from stealing their shining moments. With a resilient effort from Captain Amanda Bohne and Jr. Veronica Metz, the wildcats managed to rack up five points for the team before the final whistle of the game.

The Mustangs ran wild and strong out of the gate netting eight shots before 'IT could sling one through past Morrisville keeper Danielle Puzio. Amanda Bohne put a halt to the stellar eight-goal run with her free position make nearly 32 minutes into the half. Morrisville was then able to slide seven more shots passed Wildcat keeper Aubrey Campbell, whose hard work in between the posts should not go unrecognized or overshadowed by the final turnout. Campbell was able to block 16 attempts out of 38 by the 'stangs. Morrisville captured a 15-1 galloping lead over SUNYIT for the half.

About two minutes into the second half, a yellow card was distributed to Morissville, giving Veronica Metz a chance to shoot and collect a second free position shot for the Wildcats. Her make brought the cats up to two points. Campbell only let three more past her until Amanda Bohne found the back of the net shortly followed by Metz.

The aggressive game found SUNYIT a third free position shot, and Bohne's bucket was the final play for the Wildcats.

"Goals scored deep in the game is what we like to see when looking back on it," said a wildcat fan. "It's evident that we didn't give up and our overall record supports that we continue to not give up, we have tough girls out there. Their day will come, the season is not over and we are still 50/50 in the conference."

As the clock dwindled down to zero, the score read 22-5. The girls feel ready to bring it back home with their next match up against conference foe Wells College on Saturday, April 14th at 1:00pm.